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Top 5 Differences between the Sailor Moon Manga and the 90s Anime: Part 1

Sailor Moon Mangas sitting on a dresser next to a candle.

As you all know, Sailor Moon has a special place rent-free in my mind. I had always known about the manga counterpart of the iconic 90s anime but had never taken to reading them. Until now!  As I read Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon, I couldn’t help but notice the vast …

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A Look Back at the Wildest Year of My Life (Hello, 2021 New Year)

new year 2021 blog post. Black girl with Curly Hair surrounded by sparkles. Text on Photo says "Reflecting on 2020".

2020 has been a year, and it has finally come to a close. This year has been like a bad breakup, and I am happily ready to wish 2020 a swift farewell and move on to better things. It hasn’t always been horrible, but the cons have definitely outweighed the …

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Femininity as a Source of Power in Sailor Moon (90s Anime)

Black girl with an afro puff has a glowing Sailor Moon crescent moon on her forehead looking to the right. There is text that reads "In the Name of the Moon, I'll punish you" above her head.

“In the name of the moon, I’ll punish you.” Sailor Moon was the first magical girl anime I had ever watched. The first time I saw the pretty Senshi was in a Blockbuster store with my dad. I begged him to rent the first season, and he did. From then …

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Is Netflix’s “The Witcher” Pop Culture’s New “Game of Thrones”?

The Witcher v Game of Throne Featured Image

Photo by Pixabay from Pexels I was eagerly following the final battle between Daenerys and Cersei. It was a monumental moment for me. Muh Queen was to finally sit graciously upon the Iron Throne. Officially crowned as Queen of the Andals and the First Men, she would exercise her power …

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Setting Goals for 2020 and Reflecting on Lessons Learned This Past Year

2020 Goals and Reflecting on 2019

With a new year on the horizon, it’s time to reflect on this past year and set goals for 2020. Goal setting with the new year in mind has never been something I thought necessary until now. Since my life is undergoing a period of transition (moving from emerging adulthood …

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9 Reasons Why the Events of “Joker” are All in Arthur Fleck’s Mind

Joker Cards 2019 Joker Film Review

Photo by Toni Reed on Unsplash Please note this post contains major *SPOILERS* from the 2019 film Joker. To avoid spoilers, watch the trailer: If you haven’t seen Joker, directed by Todd Phillips, then what are you doing with your life? On-screen by Grammy award-winning actor Joaquin Phoenix, Joker is …