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Bobbi Boss Carmela 13×4 Swiss Lace Front Wig

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Have you ever had that wig—the wig that never disappoints?

As I always say, Bobbi Boss is my favorite wig brand. Bobbi Boss never dissatisfies, especially for the price point, which is usually under $60.  

Thus far, my favorite wig is Bobbi Boss’ Carmela. Carmela’s government name is Bobbi Boss Human Hair Blend 13×4 Swiss Lace Front Wig MBLF190 Carmela (affiliate link from Elevate Styles).

Never have I had a human blend synthetic wig that has appeared so natural. With that said, I am super excited to tell you all about her.

About Bobbi Boss’ Carmela

Cap Structure

Like most lace fronts, Carmela has three combs—two on either side and one in the back. She also has an adjustable strap to keep her secure and you worry-free.

I have a small head, so I did need to adjust the strap for it to not slide back. However, I did not use the combs. As soon as I got her out of the box, I cut the combs off. She was still secure for a 7+ hour day. With that said, Carmela is big head friendly, so no need to worry about cap size.

The parting space is 13×4, which means the parting is 13-inches ear to ear and 4-inches from the front to the crown. Carmela is a free part wig—a huge plus for a human blend synthetic unit. Expect to be able to part her whichever way you want. Free parting also guarantees that the wig will appear as natural as possible when trying different styles.

Swiss lace is softer than other cap laces. Personally, compared to other lace fronts I have tried, I find swiss lace fronts to be the most comfortable for my head. When I wear a unit for 7+ hours, I don’t have to worry about getting a headache or getting overheated. This is the case with Carmela. I found her to be very lightweight with a breathable cap.


My first blonde unit! I purchased Carmela in color TT4/DX2216. This unit color transitions from dark brown at the roots to a caramel blonde at the ends. Of course, she is available in many other colors—1 (pure black), 1B (off black), 2 (dark brown), 4 (medium brown), TT1B/3033 (black to rose), TT4/613 (medium brown to bright blonde), and more.

The color TT4/DX2216 appeared very natural on camera, as well as in natural lighting. This unit does not have that shiny synthetic “wiggy” look that we all want to avoid. For my first blonde unit, it came through.

I think the color really suits my skin tone. For some reason, every time I wear this unit, I wear a 70s inspired outfit to match. I love 70s apparel, but in 2019, so this wig gives me that vibe. I think it might be because of the color, or maybe because I’ve been in love with 70s fashion lately.

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Bobbi Boss Human Hair Blend 13x4 Swiss Lace Front Wig MBLF190 Carmela, Cut & Styled

Texture & Movement

Carmela has a light yaki texture. The hair is very easy to comb through. However, it does tangle like any other synthetic wig.

I do really appreciate the softness of the hair. If your man is trying to run his fingers through this unit, he will not even know it’s a wig. That is how soft this hair is. I love this unit because the hair is flowy and natural. It does not feel like synthetic hair at all.

Carmela is pre-styled. Out of the box, she has a wavy to loose curl pattern. There was a lot of frizziness when I brushed the wig out, even after only a few brush strokes. However, the wave pattern of the hair has stayed intact through every wear. I run my fingers through my hair a lot and I have not lost much of the initial curl pattern. I also experienced minimal shedding, if any.

The hair ran too long for me. Before I styled it, it hit right below my waist (I’m 4’11”). I don’t like having my wigs too long because it looks unnatural on me. Especially considering the volume of the hair, and the length compared to my height. Honestly, Carmela didn’t need too much styling. I cut it, brushed it, and installed it without having to use heat or de-shining spray.

All-in-all, this wig appears very natural. I do not think it is necessary to secure it with Got2B because of the adjustable strap.

One negative thing I will say about Carmela is after a week of wear the hair texture does not feel as soft. But, I have had this experience with human hair blends before. The remedy is to use a wig conditioner to keep it soft and maintain that human imitated texture.


Bobbi Boss’ Carmela cost me $42.69. What you get for the price is unbeatable. If you are a beginner, Bobbi Boss’ Carmela would be perfect for you. Considering the natural hairline, soft texture, and color options, Carmela is a great buy and should be incorporated into your wig collection.

Where I Buy my Affordable Wigs

I purchased my first wig from Elevate Styles (affiliate link from Elevate Styles), and I never looked back. It is a New Jersey-based retailer that sells a plethora of brands from Bobbi Boss to Outre. Elevate Styles offers wigs, weaves, hair accessories, and hair tools online and in its store.

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