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Black Fashion Icons - Black History Month
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9 Most Influential Black Fashion Icons

These nine remarkable women have undoubtedly shaped the fashion world. Some have been the first of many, while others have heightened the world’s expectations for their potential successors. As Black History Month comes to an eventful close, we joyfully celebrate Black creators, trendsetters, and influential figures in fashion this #BlackHistoryMonth and all year long.

The Witcher v Game of Throne Featured Image--I do not own the rights
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Is Netflix’s “The Witcher” Pop Culture’s New “Game of Thrones”?

It took a long time for a series like Game of Thrones to pique my interest. Mindlessly scrolling through Netflix one day, I came across something new…fresh…and fantasy.

The Witcher. Finally, I discovered a new silver-haired beauty I could happily root for.

After binge-watching the elaborate series, I can earnestly say it is no Game of Thrones. Nevertheless, I feel ambivalent about Netflix’s The Witcher, despite its fascinating subject matter…

Best Movies of 2019 Midsommar
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The Best Movies of 2019

Watching movies is one of my favorite pastimes. I have been on the premiere night of more movies than I can count this year. From blockbusters like Avengers: Endgame to low-budget films like Joker, my film viewings have been sporadic in genres. The best movies of 2019, in my opinion, are of those listed below. These are the 2019 movie releases I truly enjoyed ranked from just good to amazing; everyone should see any one of these at least once:

Joaquin Phoenix as Joker Courtesy of IMDB
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9 Reasons Why the Events of “Joker” are All in Arthur Fleck’s Mind

The film opens with immense violence–that is honestly difficult to watch. As I was watching this scene, I couldn’t help but look away. I mean, poor Arthur, just trying to do his job before being abused. At the beginning of the film, I believed Arthur was a troubled guy who is just trying his best, however, by the end I was left wondering if it all really happened. There are some key clues that I’ve put together that reveal the events of Joker are all in Arthur’s mind. Here are 9 reasons why the origin story portrayed in Joker is a facade…