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Best Medium Coverage Foundation of 2019 Milk Makeup’s Flex Foundation

Flex Foundation Medium Coverage Foundation
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Stuck in the middle seat on my flight, I was uncomfortable. The flight was okay, but I was counting down the seconds until I would be able to get off because I was dead tired and ready to go out to dinner.

I made it to my destination with plans to go out that same night. After removing shoes and clothing from my luggage, I finally get to my makeup. I hurriedly pulled out the Ziplock bag my Fenty Beauty Foundation had been packed away in only to see that it had exploded. Thank goodness for the baggy right? That’s the only upside I could find about this nerve-racking situation I was in. How was I going to serve looks with this mess?

If anyone has used Fenty Beauty’s Matte Foundation they know it’s watery. It was like liquid gold running through my fingers in the worst way. As I am writing this post, I can feel the panic I felt that night. After cleaning up, I found that my foundation was still leaking, but I still was able to use what I needed.

The time had come for me to part with my Fenty Face and begin looking for a new foundation.

A thought comes to mind…Milk Makeup. Milk had just released its Flex Foundation Stick

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(Affiliate Link from Milk). I am not too keen on any complexion product that is not full-coverage (hello skinsecurities) but I thought “why not give it a try”.

And, you guys, this foundation is a game-changer for only $36. Let’s get into this review of Milk Makeup’s Flex Stick Foundation:

Flex Foundation Packaging

The packaging is unlike most stick foundation tubes. Milk’s Flex Foundation tube is minimalistic and white featuring a raised Milk logo.

Personally, I love the packaging on this product. It is a refreshing counterpart to the usual black packaging we are used to. The only downside is the tube can get dirty easily due to the white packaging. Therefore, I try to keep my fingers makeup-free when applying this foundation.

Flex Foundation Consistency

Flex Foundation is solid, so there is no dripping or slipping with this one! This was my first stick foundation and I had no idea what to expect regarding consistency. With that said, I am in love with the firmness of this compared to liquid.

Based on my research of other stick foundations, Flex is stiffer compared to those that glide across the skin. Although stiff when sitting on the skin, Flex blends out beautifully. I was surprised that it did blend out so easily because of how it sits on the skin. Unlike, for example, Fenty’s Soft Matte foundation, which dries down and can be difficult to blend, Flex is easily blendable even after sitting on the skin for a prolonged time.

True to Color?

Flex Foundation by Milk Makeup Review
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Photo Courtesy of Milk Makeup (

We all know how it is when shopping for complexion products online, especially foundation. You are unsure if the color will match and worried about having to return it if the shade is inexact.

Personally, I HATE shopping for foundations online. Luckily, Milk was offering free returns and exchanges until “you find your perfect match”. Milk also validated my wrong color match concerns by providing a shade match tool on their website. This was especially helpful because sometimes just looking at swatches or models can make me even more confused when choosing my shade.

Feeling reassured, I decided to take the plunge and purchase Flex in shade Cinnamon.

When I tell you, Cinnamon is the perfect match! Girl…

On Milk’s website, Cinnamon is described as “tan to deep with neutral (or olive) golden undertones”. I found that this description is perfect for this foundation. Unlike some foundations which claim to have golden undertones but appear straight up yellow, Flex’s golden undertone is true to skin. This foundation is like skin in a tube. There is no oxidation, so what you see in the tube is what you get.

Speaking of true to skin, there are 36, I repeat 36, shades. Flex Foundation comes in a variety of undertones from red to peach to warm to neutral to golden. Your perfect match is there.

Finish and Coverage

Flex Foundation by Milk Makeup Review
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Flex Foundation is advertised as “a medium coverage, natural finish foundation”. The team over at Milk hit this description right on the head. As of late, I have been ditching my full coverage foundation routine, and have opted-in for a more natural base. When applying Flex, I use a rounded foundation brush to swipe across the top of the stick and buff it into my skin. This technique, unlike applying the foundation stick directly to the skin, gives a beautiful, natural finish to the skin. Now keep in mind, if you want a full-coverage flawless look you can apply the foundation directly to the skin then buff it in. I have tried both ways and have not been disappointed!

As stated before, Flex Foundation is medium coverage. Therefore, it’s not going to cover up the entirety of blemishes, freckles, or other skin marks. But that doesn’t mean it’s not worth it! The foundation is buildable if your desire is to achieve full coverage!

The finish is beautiful. Without a doubt, Flex Foundation is a “your skin but better” type of product. As we all know, I have oily skin and this foundation compliments it so well. The finish is not matte, semi-matte, or dewy, it’s just NATURAL–meaning your skin really shines through. I find it mimicking the natural glow of my skin after applying moisturizer and primer. The glow is not necessarily overpowering for me, it’s just so different compared to other foundations I have tried–which have mostly had matte or semi-matte finishes.

Something I will say about the natural finish is that after a few hours I do need to touch up with powder or blotting paper. If I don’t touch up, I will shine a little more than what I’m comfortable with, but it’s not too bad. I have found that the foundation does transfer a little so setting it with powder is key to avoiding this. Furthermore, my pores are very apparent when wearing this foundation with the Hydro Grip Primer, so if you do have huge pores you may want to use a primer that is blurring or pore filling.

Flex Foundation Scent

For my people who are sensitive to fragrance, Flex Foundation has no scent to it. I hate scented products, so this is a plus for me!

My Experience with Milk Makeup

As a first-time buyer from Milk Makeup, I found the experience to be very pleasurable overall. My order shipped and arrived quickly, and I loved the packaging they sent my order in. Milk has a super minimalistic clean look which I really like.

Another thing I enjoyed about my experience is the foundation matching tool on its website. This shade match tool was so helpful in finding my match because I always freak out when buying complexion products online. If you are not sure about which shade to go with, give this little tool a try!

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