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9 Reasons Why the Events of “Joker” are All in Arthur Fleck’s Mind

Joaquin Phoenix as Joker Courtesy of IMDB

The film opens with immense violence–that is honestly difficult to watch. As I was watching this scene, I couldn’t help but look away. I mean, poor Arthur, just trying to do his job before being abused. At the beginning of the film, I believed Arthur was a troubled guy who is just trying his best, however, by the end I was left wondering if it all really happened. There are some key clues that I’ve put together that reveal the events of Joker are all in Arthur’s mind. Here are 9 reasons why the origin story portrayed in Joker is a facade…

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Mermaid Halloween Makeup Tutorial for Procrastinators

Mermaid Makeup Tutorial

The Lure Behind the Look The beauty queens of the seven seas!  Mermaids are enticing, eye-capturing creatures that are known for their great beauty. Although a sight to behold, the mermaid is manipulative and dangerous in nature. These creatures lurk in the murky waters of the sea waiting for sailor’s ships to pass by. When …

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Best Medium Coverage Foundation of 2019 Milk Makeup’s Flex Foundation

Flex Foundation Medium Coverage Foundation

The time had come for me to part with my Fenty Face and begin looking for a new foundation. A thought comes to mind…Milk Makeup. Milk had just released its Flex Foundation Stick. I am not too keen on any complexion product that is not full-coverage (hello skinsecurities) but I thought “why not give it a try”. And, you guys, this foundation is a game-changer for only $36. Let’s get into this review of Milk Makeup’s Flex Stick Foundation…

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The Ultimate Beginner Guide to Makeup: Everything You’ll Need

Ultimate Guide to Makeup for Beginners

When you are a new to makeup, walking into Sephora for the first time can be overwhelming. There are brand placements from one end of the store to the other, and you do not even know where to start. Trust me, I have been there. Even as my knowledge of beauty products grows, there is …

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Hot Girl Summer Eye Makeup Tutorial

This hot girl summer has no end in sight. Megan Thee Stallion‘s Hot Girl Summer (please support her music) was the inspiration for this look. It has been hot this summer and not just because you’re here *wink wink*. That said, I wanted to go soft glam for this look. Although not featured in this snippet, …

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Bobbi Boss Carmela 13×4 Swiss Lace Front Wig

Have you ever had that wig—the wig that never disappoints? As I always say, Bobbi Boss is my favorite wig brand. Bobbi Boss never dissatisfies, especially for the price point, which is usually under $60. Thus far, my favorite wig is Bobbi Boss’ Carmela. Carmela’s government name is Bobbi Boss Human Hair Blend 13×4 Swiss Lace Front Wig MBLF190 Carmela. Never have I had a human blend synthetic wig that has appeared so natural. With that said, I am super excited to tell you all about her…

Hair Care

Protective Styling: Keeping the Hair Magic Alive

If your natural hair is flourishing raise your hand! Today’s post will consist of everything revolving around protective styling. As a frequent wig wearer, I not only want to make sure my wig is laid, but my hair underneath is protected.  There are so many ways to protect your natural locks. From wigs, weaves, braids, …

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